Thursday, February 25, 2010

Please help me..=(

Ya Allah, what have I done? Did I do something wrong?? I totally blank & nothing much to say..I hope that it can be mended as soon as possible..If I was doing something unpleasant or inconvenient,please tell me..I need to know the reason(s)..hopefully everything is okay then...

Besides, I'm quite busy for this week..other than that, I'm thinking whether I should /shouldn't attend the event..I'm totally confused & can't make any decision right now...please help me,I need some advice..

thats all,bye..~


  1. take it easy falinie. misundrstood je kot. setel one by one :))

  2. ermm... ad masalh ya..
    cuba dekatkan diri pada Nya..mintak petunjuk drNya...mungkin akn ad jalan penyelesaian yg muncul...